Must Know Some Stats of Social Media If You Are In Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing has become a much-appreciated profession in the modern era. People have started accepting that social media is the new global village and professionals are being hired by brands to make sure they have their presence in that village. The reality is social media is not easy to maintain. The trends change and you have to adapt to them if you want to keep up with the game. And it is hard for any person, who doesn’t associate with Social Media Marketing, to be aware of trends and stats.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

But, if you are a social media professional, you are expected to be aware of the latest stats. Hobocult, the best Social Media Marketing Company in Delhi, has been a pioneer in social media marketing. We constantly update our strategies to new stats so that our clients do not lag.

We are Sharing the 5 Trending Social Media Marketing Stats

Social Media Has Turned into A Shopping Place

Shopping has become more virtual during the pandemic. With all the malls and shopping complexes shut down, people turned towards digital shopping. Not just amazon or Flipkart, even social media platforms turned into online shopping platforms. Brands started accepting orders via direct message. Entrepreneurs and artists did that too. With these shopping trends, Social Media is being turned into another shopping place.

Short Video Content Goes Viral

TikTok started the trend of short Video Content and since then, major social media platforms have adapted to it. Instagram launched reels and made sure they also stay right on track. Reels allow users to upload videos for up to 30 seconds. According to one research, by end of 2022, more than 80 percent of online content will be video content only.

Facebook Tops The Race

There are numerous social media platforms available for users. Facebook was among the first social media platforms to start the trend of including social media in the lives of people. Over the years, Facebook has adapted to everything. Even after several years of its launch, it still is the most used social media platform in the market. Even after being thrown under a huge amount of criticism, Facebook continues to grow.

Engagement Span is Decreasing

Pandemic has made people spend more time on social media platforms. But there is one catch. Although the number of hours that people spend on social media platforms is increasing, their engagement span for individual posts is decreasing. The average attention span of a person is around 8 seconds. Only the best, eye-catching, out-of-the-box content is getting more attention span.

Must Post User-Generated Content

When you run a brand or business, users are likely to give feedback in form of content. These are called user-generated content. It is seen that businesses that post user-generated content have a more than 20% increase in their return visitors list. It is also found that the conversion rate for such content is more than 80%.

It becomes important in the modern digital era to be aware of all the trends and stats. It helps in forming a better social media marketing plan. If you think that social media marketing is not your cup of tea, let it be handled by a professional. Hobocult, the best Digital Marketing Agency in Delhi, will be pleased to assist you in your marketing strategy. Contact us for more info.

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