Top 3 Common Yet Effective PPC Advertising Strategies

While trying to gain more traffic and attention to your business, you can take many approaches. While many businesses work with organic SEO and trust the time to take their website on top rankings, others want quick results. The best way to ensure quick results when it comes to more traffic and attention is PPC. Pay Per Click is known to be one of the most effective digital marketing techniques to take your business name in the top rankings of search engines.

Pay Per Click

Pay Per Click


But, PPC is a two-way sword. Not everyone can work with it and generate great results. Hobocult, the best Digital Marketing Agency in Delhi, has helped businesses with Pay Per Click. With their knowledge and experience, they are here to share their top 3 common yet effective PPC advertising strategies:

Branded Campaigns:

Branded campaigns aim at paid search term ad campaigns that focus on your brand name or trademarked name. For example, for Hobocult, the branded campaign would be Hobocult or Hobocult marketing. The same will be your business as well. As per Hobocult, branded campaigns are the easiest and most sorted PPC advertising strategy to start with. This type of campaign can build the foundational piece of the Pay Per Click strategy. No matter what industry you work in, branded campaigns capture the demand in the market for your name.

Solutions Campaigns:

People are always looking for answers to their problems on search engines. This is where solutions campaigns come in. This type of campaign focus on the pain points of the general public and how your brand can solve them. With this type of campaign, you can target the real points of prospects and the solutions they are seeking. Thus, you can come in sight of numerous buyers. People who search for the pain points are the ones who have the highest chance of purchasing the solution.

Retargeting Campaigns:

As the name says, this type of campaign is focused on people who have already come far in the buying process. With such campaigns, you can push them further in the buying process. These can include both search and display ads. You need to decide such campaigns based on how far the target audience has come in the sales funnel. The bottom of the funnel campaign might be focused on asking the audience to try to sign for a demo, whereas the top of the funnel campaign is on something else.


But, no matter the campaign, the most important thing is to regularly analyze the ad and traffic it generates on daily basis. This can not be done by people who are running their own business. To help entrepreneurs and businessmen, Hobocult, the Best Digital Marketing Agency in Delhi, offers professional digital marketing services. This includes PPC campaigns of all types. To know more about the services, feel free to contact them.

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