Embrace your 2022 with these Social Media Trends

In the coming years, social media trends seem to be climbing up an exciting ladder of innovation. This year has already seen some brilliant advancements being made in the industry and it’s also a very popular topic of discussion for many entrepreneurs who are looking for ways to optimize their brand and improve business results. One can expect that as digital technology evolves the Social Media landscape will develop along with it.

social media trends

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Feeds are changing:

Social media algorithms have been in the news ever since they made their debut back in the early 2000s. Over time, they have come under greater scrutiny. With so many scandals being uncovered it shows that it is time for these algorithms to go away. When these algorithms go away, people will interact more naturally online instead of relying on computers to “look after us.” One Facebook employee shared a recent change they made in the news feed that shows what is trending and what updates are being posted by your friends. With this ingenious tweak, you can easily see updates from your family and close circle of friends first which means you won’t have to worry about scrolling through hundreds of posts on their platform.

Ad revenue remains at the top:

The parade of ads shown alongside news feeds are showing their age, even if they have become vital to the revenue and success of many online businesses. One study by eMarketer predicted that Twitter will reach $2 billion in U.S. ad revenues during 2023, a 40% increase over 2021 (despite flat growth). The best part is that the study also foresaw Instagram for the first time making up for over 50% of Facebook’s $53 billion in net ad revenues in 2021. That’s exciting!

New platforms will increase competition:

newer platforms have emerged which offer a fundamentally slimmed-down media model, meant to make socializing among niche audiences more convenient to moderate and safer as a community. Not all of them are necessarily social media platforms either. Spotify and Clubhouse are some of the new startups that are gaining popularity now. Those who want yet another layer of modicum get Newsletter Platforms like Substack and even sub-communities in the established social media outlets, such as Twitter Spaces to interact with others members of their fickle networks.

Customer service is on the rise too:

As discussed previously, social commerce features will continue to roll out to keep up with how people shop for goods and services. Customers have become accustomed to initiating a purchase online — be it curbside pickup of groceries or scheduling an appointment — but now want even more seamless experiences throughout the entire process. Social media channels dedicated to customer service have long existed, but only recently has the “pandemic” hit where many brands are now expected to provide fast responses on social networks like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and others as well.

Social media platforms must become accountable:

Public calls for social media platform accountability will increase, buoyed by the fallout from the Facebook papers and the findings finding Instagram to hurt users’ mental health. The findings first brought to light in a Wall Street Journal report found 32% of teenage girls surveyed “indicated that when they had negative thoughts about their appearance, Instagram made those feelings worse.” Fourteen percent of teen boys reported similar sentiment.

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