Believing These 5 Myths About Digital Marketing Keeps You From Growing

As marketers, we all have the go-to phrases that help us through the day. Everybody says them, but few ever examine them and change their perspective to grow. Some of these phrases are “We’re a small company, and do not want Digital Marketing,” and “We can’t afford a social media manager.” Some of the phrases are believable at first, but others, like the six myths in this blog, are downright destructive.

Digital Marketing

HoboCult, the Best Digital Marketing Agency in Delhi, recently spoke with CMOs and marketing professionals to uncover the six most commonly held myths in digital marketing in present times and why they need to be debunked. Here’s what we have learned:

Only digital marketing is enough:

When talking about digital marketing, this is one of the biggest myths. Most business owners think that if they invest every bit of their investment in digital marketing, it would be enough. Reality is the opposite to it. Digital marketing indeed helps a lot in marketing, but there are other aspects too which can’t be ignored. For example, local marketing, traditional marketing, etc. Traditional marketing has indeed taken a step back since the pandemic began but there’s still a large audience who reads a magazine, buys a newspaper, and sees billboards.

Content marketing is a one-time investment:

Most of the content for a business goes on the website. But, businesses think once their website is ready with the content, they are done with content marketing. This is where they lag behind their competitors. Content, nowadays, is not limited to the website but has spread its wings over social media, PR, and other places. If you want to conquer your industry in all aspects, you will need high-quality content. Content marketing is not over till you have your business.

One social media platform will do everything:

There are tons of social media platforms today which provide varied options for marketing and promotion. Sticking to just one of these platforms will not produce extraordinary results. Most businesses stick to the biggest social media platform and forget about the rest. Such a perspective on digital marketing is harmful to your profit. Every social media platform has a different demographic majority. Being on one will not generate enough audience and customers.

Negative reviews should be deleted:

Your business will offer products or services for customers, and the customer will review them online because it’s an easy task. Among those reviews, there will be negative ones too. Some businesses take the approach to delete all the negative reviews. By doing this, they think they have conquered the competition. A smart business will consider the negative reviews, reply to them aptly and understand/solve their problems. By doing so, such businesses not just improve their service but also gain trust among people who have posted negative reviews.

Remarketing will decrease customers:

Remarketing is indeed creepy if best practices are not followed. However, with best practices followed, remarketing can create long-lasting and loyal customers. One-time customers do not produce many benefits for the company. However, if lots of customers develop trust in your brand and become loyal customers, there are huge benefits to the company. Some of those benefits are better word-of-mouth promotion, better sales, and bigger revenue.

We hope you enjoyed our article about the 5 digital marketing myths that can keep you from growing. With the proper knowledge and information, you can grow your business or blog with the help of digital marketing. We hope that this article by HoboCult, the Best Digital Marketing Agency in Delhi, has helped you take the right steps toward growing your business, so if you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to get in touch with us anytime.

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