Twitter Verified Accounts With Blue Tick, Gray Tick and Gold Tick

The Twitter Blue subscription service has begun rolling out, and the cost is $8 per month on the web and $11 per month on iOS. In addition, the company is starting to phase out the traditional blue tick and replacing it with a gold checkmark for select business accounts.

Twitter has restarted the sign-up process for its premium subscription service, Twitter Blue, which is available to web users. Most likely, the iOS version will be available later. In addition, it has introduced a brand new checkmark in the color gold for certain business accounts in place of the more conventional blue tick previously given to official accounts.

In the updated version of its verified subscription program, Twitter will enable users’ accounts to have one of three distinct checkmark colors: gold, gray, or blue. The checkmarks on many Twitter accounts, which were previously blue, have been changed to gold. Twitter accounts can be broken down into three categories: business, individual, and government affiliated. These categories can be distinguished from one another using color-coded checkmarks.

What Exactly Are The Gold, Grey, and Blue Tick that Indicate Verification?

Verified businesses or official business accounts can use the gold checks that have been made available to them. On the other hand, a grey checkmark denotes verified government accounts or accounts affiliated with the government that are monitored by Twitter, whereas blue checks denote accounts belonging to individual users.

twitter Gold Tick

twitter Gold Tick

This gold checkmark is being given out as part of a new service that is being tested by Twitter called Twitter Blue for Business. The traditional blue tick has been replaced with a gold checkmark in this service. Right now, the web-based version of the service is being made available in the United States of America, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, as well as the United Kingdom. In the coming days, Twitter intends to expand its reach even further.

Already present on several different business and media accounts is the “gold” checkmark. After the mishap with the initial launch of Twitter Blue a month ago, the company has decided to try again with a new gold checkmark.

Twitter Verification Cost

When Twitter Blue was first introduced, it essentially allowed anyone to obtain a “blue tick.” Consequently, numerous well-known brands were falsely represented on the platform, and countless fake accounts also spread false information. On the web, the new Twitter Blue subscription is being made available for a price of $8 per month. Because Twitter is required to pay a fee of thirty percent to Apple, the rate for iOS devices will be eleven dollars higher. Musk had previously taken to Twitter to voice his opposition to this so-called “secret tax.”

He also discussed how, if Twitter were removed from the App Store by Apple, he would be forced to develop his mobile device and operating system. Musk later posted that he had sorted out all differences with Cupertino after meeting with CEO Tim Cook, so this dispute with Apple only lasted for a short period of time.

Twitter New Features and Updates

The official Twitter account has provided more information about the newly introduced subscription service. When a user subscribes to the service, it is mentioned that their account will gain access to subscriber-only features such as the ability to “edit tweets, 1080p video uploads, reader mode, and a blue checkmark.”

However, your account must first go through an approval process to receive this blue tick. Twitter is adding additional requirements to the list of people who can subscribe to the service. For instance, to gain access to Twitter Blue, the company mandates that the user’s account must be at least ninety days old and that the user’s phone number must be confirmed.

Twitter New Features and Updates

Twitter New Features and Updates

Shortly, “subscribers with the blue checkmark will get priority ranking in search, mentions, and replies,” according to the thread. It will help reduce the visibility of scams, spam, and bots. The most important part of this announcement is that “Twitter Blue subscribers will not be able to change their display names or user names after receiving a blue checkmark.” Twitter has announced that “a new process” will “soon” be available to make changes to user displays and user names.

Even though there is a possibility that subscribers will see fewer ads in the future, Twitter Blue will not be an “ad-free” experience for users. “Subscribers to this service receive a gold checkmark, which designates the account as belonging to an official business on Twitter,” which is a new feature that is currently being tested for corporate entities on the Twitter platform. In the meantime, Twitter Blue for Business is a new service that has been introduced.

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