Top 3 Content Marketing Tips for Financial Brands’ Managers

The financial sector is one of the most competitive industries out there, with banks and other financial institutions trying to stay on top of the game by introducing new products, services, and promotions. Financial institutions today are facing the challenge of working harder to be heard among their competitors. With so much information being shared online, it’s difficult for brands to reach their target audience.

Content marketing tips

Content marketing tips

But does that just mean your brand needs to work harder to win their customers’ trust and loyalty by providing them valuable resources through the content you create? Knowing how to effectively market your services and products through content marketing is the key to moving forward. This blog by HoboCult, the Best Content Marketing Agency, will give you the top 3 content marketing tips to manage content for your financial brand:

Competing in organic search

Due to the strict measures of Google’s EAT and YMYL guidelines, breaking into the search engine results pages (SERPs) for highly competitive keywords is a difficult process. The best solution for surpassing competitor sites that offer similar services on SERPs for terms with high commercial intent is thought leadership. That entails creating authoritative blog content on the brand’s website to educate their target audience about similar topics to establish credibility and trust among their niche consumers. But this presents a proverbial catch-22: to build authority, you need exposure which in turn provides the option to establish thought leadership but unfortunately, that can be extremely challenging if it’s very difficult to rank these types of sites because of Google’s recent push in highly targeted key phrases that garner high commercial intent within an industry. You can win over organic searches by writing quality guests posts, targeting long-tail keywords for unique topics, creating a survey on a broad topic, and utilizing video and alternative media.

Complying with regulations

Like medical businesses, placebos can quickly get your consumers into trouble. If they develop a dependence on placebos, they may even end up in severe situations that could ruin your image, something that’s hard to build when you’ve had to deal with the intensity of much negative criticism. Unfortunately, financial services providers have some of the most intense regulatory scrutinies when it comes to producing online content. Any insight regarding this industry should be taken with caution; anything less than that may result in harsh penalties against your brand for misleading your customers and sharing misinformation over social media. Try to include disclaimers, hire writers with great financial knowledge, and stick to the topics you are thoroughly informed about.

Move with time

Financial news and current events move fast and some financial reports are generated daily. Some people wait nearly a week to publish their news on finance sites and that could be damaging especially if your company may include financial information or advice to clients or others interested in how the world of money is doing. Part of this issue comes from having a long review process which can take as much as seven days to finish before it’s published to the public. Latest blogs can mean everything, so make sure you keep your client’s financial opinion updated in real-time by optimizing review processes and getting the latest, verified reports to your audience faster – all without sacrificing quality! You must take forward real-time and interactive content and other editorial reviews.

The purpose of this post was to provide a quick snapshot of the top 3 Content Marketing Tips for financial brand managers. The post covered the need for creating a content marketing strategy for your brand. It also covered the importance of creating a draft of your content and the value of creating a strategic calendar. To get professional help on content marketing, please feel free to contact HoboCult, the Best Content Marketing Agency.

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