Don’t do these things on WhatsApp or you may land in trouble

People use WhatsApp to connect with others for fun, for business, and for a multitude of reasons. The platform, which is owned by Facebook, has become so popular that mobile phone users across the globe have it installed on their phones and use it daily. Many users may be unaware that they are actually breaking the Terms of Service (ToS) of WhatsApp by doing things such as sharing pornographic images or images that violate censorship laws. When someone’s account comes to the attention of staff for not doing the right Things on WhatsApp, they may choose to ban an account without giving any notice at all to the actual user whose account is banned. To stay vigilant and maintain your privacy on the app, make sure you don’t breach their ToS under any circumstances!

things on WhatsApp

things on WhatsApp

HoboCult, the Best Digital Marketing Agency in Delhi, is here to inform you about 5 things that are common but doing them can land you in trouble:

Sending out viruses and malware:

It’s come to our attention that there is an extremely dangerous and disruptive movement afoot that involves sending out WhatsApp messages which contain malicious software. This type of activity is strictly prohibited by WhatsApp and can earn you a ban from using the service as a whole if it goes unchecked.

Sharing phone numbers or adding to groups:

Don’t add users to groups without their consent. What good is it anyway? If you use fake data to message users or add them to WhatsApp groups without their permission, your account can be suspended.

Don’t flow when talking to customers:

Don’t spam using WhatsApp. If you’re going to engage with your customers on the platform, be sure you know what you’re doing. As a user, don’t report people who are legitimate and simply reach out the only way they can within the boundaries of what’s deemed acceptable by WhatsApp officials. As always, doing your research and knowing how to play within the very narrow rules is key here (if you want to use automated messages).

Creating accounts in an unauthorized way:

Creating unauthorized accounts or groups, automating the creation of accounts or groups through third-party tools, as well as creating modified or counterfeit versions of WhatsApp can result in you getting banned. You should avoid using any online tools that allow you to create multiple groups easily.

Sending messages forcefully:

Per WhatsApp, if you receive a request from another contact to stop messaging them entirely, it is best to remove them from your address book permanently. If you are found guilty of sending messages to this blocked person by the company, your WhatsApp account will be revoked.

We hope you enjoyed our article about what not to do on WhatsApp. Using your phone’s messaging app to send messages that are inappropriate or that break the law, can have serious consequences for you. We hope that this blog post will help you to avoid these consequences by not sending inappropriate messages, and by being smart about what you write and send. If you are interested in ethical WhatsApp marketing and sharing messages without getting blocked, HoboCult, the Best Digital Marketing Agency in Delhi, can help you. Feel free to contact us.

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