3 Mistakes To Avoid While Doing SEO and Digital Marketing

You will rarely find anyone who is not aware of Digital Marketing in the modern era. Digital marketing is considered to be one of the fastest ways to gain popularity and sales. It is being used by all kinds of businesses and even solo entrepreneurs. Due to its flexibility, digital marketing has become the go-to solution to do marketing for all. Also, the corona pandemic has increased the importance of digital marketing.

Hobocult is the Leading Digital Marketing Agency in Delhi with a specialization in SEO. We have done digital marketing and SEO Optimization for various brands. While we were doing so, we noticed some major mistakes that brand makes when doing their own SEO, which leads to no productive result.

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

Low Content Quality

As a leading digital marketing and Social Media Marketing Agency, we also have a good grip on content quality. But when brands are doing their own SEO, they put low-quality content in hope of getting it viral or making it engaging. It is true that visitors love to gain information about a brand’s new product or new service or other things. But, low-quality content can really set them off. Content can be of any type, be it blogs, vlogs Instagram reels, or even tweets. Brands that put low-quality content are never successful in the market.


The best thing about digital marketing is that if done right, it will deliver results. But, there is something more hidden into it – patience. Brands have to be patient when it comes to results because digital marketing is a long-term plan. SEO strategies take time to reflect back on the quality results. Trends and analytics have to be checked time and again to make sure we are on the right track. All of this takes time and impatience is the biggest mistake brands make.

Not Doing Mobile Optimisation

More people view brands on mobile than on laptops or PC. It becomes important that all the content of the brand is optimized for mobile. Things that make a brand’s content lag or slow have to be removed. Brands that ignore mobile optimization are sure to suffer. Websites are the most important thing to optimize according to mobile.

When you are trying to put your business as a brand in front of thousands or millions of people around the world, you must not make mistakes. One mistake can set you off from your competitors and can make you lose the game. But, with Hobocult, you will win every game when it comes to Digital Marketing. For any queries or professional suggestions, feel free to contact Us.

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